Katie, thanks for working creatively with my son to find a way to harness his energy and focus his interest in learning to play the piano! We are grateful for your skills, commitment and patience.” - Elizabeth, via Facebook

"Katie's patient and supportive attitude has been instrumental in developing our daughter's love for the piano. Balancing the need for presenting enough challenge with the need for achieving consistent and measurable success is a skill that Katie excels at, and results in a higher degree of student motivation and progress. Her student-centric approach to crafting each lesson not only makes for more measurable success, but keeps the learning fun and nurtures the love of the music being performed. Katie deserves her A+ rating and has my highest recommendation!" - Arnie, via Facebook

"I've been an unconventional student of Katie's for about two years. As a beginner pianist in my mid-thirties, who self-taught just enough to create bad habits, I've been a challenging student. Katie impressed me by how she used numerous techniques to help me work through my habits. I've also improved my skill level quite a bit, and she's calmed into performing in my first ever recitals. My favorite part about Katie is that she allows me to direct my lessons my way, respecting me as an adult student. I play music I like, integrate theory and work on lessons in the way I want to, and progress at my level." - Michelle, via Facebook

"You are a wonderful piano teacher!! Thank you! We are going to miss you in Bellingham!" -Desirae via Facebook

I have had a really great experience taking lessons from Katie. She has worked hard to help me with feeling the music in my body, keeping my arms in a much better position so my hands can drop onto the keys better, and much more. i really appreciate her energy and sharp intellect. Also she works hard to find the right music for my level of play. Lastly, I am excited about the upcoming piano intensive and ensemble she is generously presenting to us as makeup for the lessons we have had to miss. -Mary via Google Places

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